Fifth Disease Pictures

Throughout this website you will find many pictures of fifth disease. In fact, on almost every page you will find fifth disease pictures.  So instead of clogging this page up with big 'ol jpg's, I will give you a chance to browse the site and see them all for yourself. However here are a couple of pictures that are more common in the fifth disease family.  I wanted to show these larger photos so that you can see the fifth disease rash close up. Below I have an example of the face rash associated with fifth disease as well as the body rash.  Enjoy!

1. The first one is the most common look.  As you can see this disease can easily go unnoticed. You may know a lot of children with this disease and you've never even thought twice about it!  Don't feel bad, same goes for their parents


2. Second of all I am going to show you a fifth disease picture that is not found on the face.  This is in the body rash category of fifth disease.  You may also recognize this rash.  Many people associate fifth disease with faces only.  That is not the case.  Notice the raised appearance of the bumps on the body rashes, much wider in diameter as well.