Fifth Disease Rash

My child has a bright rash on her face, is it fifth disease?

That depends on what the rash is like. The Fifth disease rash is bright red like the child has been slapped across the cheeks. This is most unlike other rashes that appear speckled or mottled. If you see any kind of rash on your child you should go to see your doctor rather than try to self diagnose. Your doctor will be able to test for what is causing the rash and can produce definite results.


The rash is spreading is that normal?

Yes, in some children the rash can spread to the trunk and arms and in others it stays on the cheeks only. The rash is just a reaction to the virus by the body's immune system.


The rash changed is it getting worse?

No, when the child is recovering the rash starts to fade, taking on a lacy net or web like appearance across the skin. This is just how the rash naturally fades away and the rest will soon disappear as well.


My child had Fifth disease and recovered but the rash has come back, has the disease come back or become worse?

No, there is no need to worry. The fifth disease rash fades over time and can take several weeks, in some cases it may appear brighter or darker and become visible again when the child is too warm or agitated. It does not mean that the disease is returning or has become worse, once a child has had fifth disease they are immune to it for life. The rash will fade again in time and after a while will stop reappearing in those circumstances.


The doctor says my child has Fifth disease, but there isn't a rash can he still have it?

Yes, even though your child may only displaying symptoms like a cold or flu, they may still develop a rash later or not at all. Not everyone who has fifth disease displays the same symptoms and some have no symptoms at all.


My rash is itchy, but my friend's rash didn't itch. Is there something wrong?

No, there is no need to worry about your rash if it itches, only how to soothe the itching! Some older children and adults do notice their rash itches whereas younger children do not seem to have this symptom. It is quite common for this to occur.


Is the Fifth disease rash contagious?

No, although fifth disease is contagious, the rash is not. The rash is also a sign that the Fifth disease is no longer contagious so when the rash appears you can go back to your normal activities and do not need to worry about spreading the disease.


How long will I have this rash for?

The rash usually lasts around 1 to 3 weeks at the most. For older kids the aches and pains of fifth disease last much longer, sometimes for months after they have recovered from the disease.